We Welcome Visitors!

Our donkeys and horses love visitors — and so do we!

The donkeys are especially friendly, playful and curious. They aren’t a bit shy and they enjoy meeting new friends!

You’re invited to come spend a relaxing, fun day at the ranch, meet the gang and learn about these delightful, 4-legged creatures. Just give us a call in advance to schedule a day and time — and you’ll get the grand tour!

Visiting the Ranch

Perseverance Ranch is a working ranch, so we ask that you schedule your visit at least 72-hours in advance, or longer if possible.

To Schedule Your Visit

    • Please call Terry at 435-644-8499 to setup a day and time to visit and get directions.
    • Once your visit is booked, please mark your calendar with the day and time so you won’t forget.

While You’re Here

Perseverance Ranch is located in the high desert. We want you to enjoy your visit, so please prepare with the following…

    • Bring plenty of drinking water, and a light snack.
    • Wear sunscreen, a hat if you have one, and comfortable, closed-toed shoes or boots.
    • A sweatshirt or jacket, just in case.

As we mentioned earlier, donkeys are curious and can be playful. We suggest leaving keys and other shiny objects in the car. Our donkeys have been known to “borrow” keys and play keep away with them!

We look forward to seeing you soon!


(435) 644-8499


6700 Johnson Canyon Road
Kanab, Utah 84741

Sanctuary for:
  • Donkeys
  • Horses
  • Dogs

Welcome by appointment only