Why Leave a Legacy?

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NOTE:  We are not legal professionals, and we cannot give legal advise. We recommend that you carefully review the terms of your will with your attorney or other professional trained in handling trusts and estates.

What is a Charitable Bequest?

A charitable bequest is simply a distribution from your estate to a charitable organization through your last will and testament. There are different kinds of bequests. For each, you must use very specific language to indicate the precise direction of your assets and to successfully carry out your final wishes.

For any charitable bequest, the beneficiary must be named specifically and accurately. A bequest to Perseverance Ranch Equine Rescue & Sanctuary needs to be sent to 6700 Johnson Canyon Road, Kanab, Utah 84741.

“Saving just one horse will not change the world.
But surely it will change the world for that one horse.”

What is an Estate?

Your estate is the sum of your assets, including property you own, insurance policies, retirement accounts, cash on hand, etc. Some people may have very large estates, but most people often have the resources to make a charitable bequest. If every adult in America made a will and included a bequest of just $100, billions of dollars would flow to charitable causes every year. Please think of Perseverance Ranch Equine Rescue & Sanctuary when you are making a Charitable Bequest.

We’ve listed some of the more common kinds of bequests, and some bequest language.

Residuary Bequest

This is made when you intend to leave the residue portion of your assets after other terms of the will have been satisfied.

Residuary Bequest Language

“All the rest, residue, and remainder of my estate, both real and personal, I give to Perseverance Ranch Equine Rescue & Sanctuary, for its general purposes.”

Contingency Bequest

This allows you to leave a portion of your estate to a particular charity if your named beneficiary does not survive you.

Contingency Bequest Language

“I devise and bequeath the residue of the property, real and personal and wherever situated, owned by me at my death, to (name of beneficiary), if (she/he) survives me. If (name of beneficiary) does not survive me, I devise and bequeath my residuary estate to Perseverance Ranch Equine Rescue & Sanctuary, for its general purposes.”

Without a will or other legal instrument, there is no mechanism in place to make a bequest. Here are the steps you may take to ensure your wishes are granted.

Consider Perseverance Ranch Equine Rescue & Sanctuary as one of your charities of choice.
Create a detailed list of your assets (financial, real estate, vehicles, jewelry, collectibles, musical instruments, etc.)
Set up an appointment with your financial advisor, attorney, or representative of the organization you intend to support. These professionals will help guide you through the process.

On behalf of Roy, we thank you for your consideration.


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