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...It Was Only the Beginning!

With plenty of room and resources, we realized that there was a need we could fill as a facility that could accept unwanted horses, burros and mules. Although this was not the original intent of the property, it was decided that some animals could come to the ranch while options were assessed on what to do with them.

Then, one day, a call was received that would map the future of Perseverance Ranch and its inhabitants permanently.

Best Friends Animal Society advised us of a Clydesdale gelding in

Northern Utah that had been found in a shockingly starved condition. While they were more than happy to provide finances for all costs, they simply had no room to house him permanently, and wanted to know if we could take him. 

We were more than happy to accept him, only to learn that the animal control facility charged with his care was an ineffectual bureaucratic nightmare. Getting them to release this starving animal to us was like trying to pry a Cheeto from a rat!


Eventually, after being held at a fairgrounds for a maddening and unnecessarily lengthy period of time—with absolutely NO medical attention—this beautiful creature was taken to auction and sold for $35.

We named him Roy, and transported him immediately to Best Friends for quarantine and medical treatment by their on-site veterinary staff.

Sadly, Roy died shortly afterward—not from complications of starvation—but from a fatal disease he contracted from other animals that were being housed at the fairgrounds.

Roy never had a chance…

Trust me when I say that more than one evil thought about those who treated Roy so inhumanly before he came to live with us, had to be stifled. But, with time, we were able to refocus our energies and come to a momentous decision—we would transform the ranch into a permanent home for special-needs equines with nowhere else to go.

Give a horse what he needs and
he will give you his heart in return.


Today, we have [ # ] permenant residents, here at the ranch. Food, water, shelter and companions are plentiful, and they get the best medical attention we can afford. We are also dedicated to being a “NO KILL” facility, believing that any equine not suffering irreversibly deserves the same sanctity of life we enjoy ourselves.

We do this because we believe we have been led to act.

We do this because it’s our calling.

We do it for Roy.

Committed to Giving Them
a Better Life

Perseverance Ranch is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization based near Kanab, Utah. We’re dedicated to rescue and provide sanctuary where equines remain with us permanently. We currently have [#] permanent residents, most with special dietary and veterinary needs.

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Perseverance Ranch
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