Make a real difference to a rescue animal

Howdy! I hope you'll come meet me and my my pals here at the ranch. We always look forward to seeing 2-legged friends, especially when the weather turns warm and the wildflowers are in bloom!

Become a proud sponsor of one of our donkeys or horses here at Perseverance Ranch. For as little as $20 a month, you can make a huge difference to one of these animals.

Although we rescue donkeys, horses and dogs, Perseverance Ranch is primarily a sanctuary for them. These animals are unadoptable because of ongoing health problems, advanced age, or they have been endowed to us on condition of permanent resident status.

If you would like to sponsor an animal, 100% of your donation will go toward keeping it well-fed, comfortable and happy. Sponsorships start at $20 month any amount you’re comfortable giving. 

For more information, contact us at 435-644-8499 or email us at

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